Sue Smethurst Art


Sue gained her first qualification in Art and Design from The London College of Fashion. For many years she worked in the world of fashion. Firstly as a sketcher and then as a designer for various houses. She often went to Paris for the couture collections and latterly worked for Louis Feraud and later, Issey Miyake, coordinating their collections in London as well as her own. She has studied at Chelsea School Art, the V&A, and more recently at the Camden Art Centre in Hampstead.

For Sue, the exploration of light plays a very important role in her work. She enjoys capturing moments of translucence and opaqueness. She enjoys experimenting with different mediums and materials. She enjoys painting in oils, but lately she has been working with acrylic, oil and dammar varnish, wood, driftwood and canvas.

Many of Sue’s paintings of landscapes are evoked from many glorious travels through Wiltshire to Somerset and also further studies of other parts of the English countryside, bathed in light through the seasons. There are seascapes from moving and wonderful Iona in Scotland, and full moon and sea paintings, highlighting reflections of light and shadow.